Empower Gym Tampa

Empower Gym Tampa is permanently closed. Thank you for your patronage.

Empower Gym Tampa was created to focus on one solitary goal; Get You Results Fast!

Empower Gym Tampa is not about sparring, getting hit, belts, uniforms, bowing, or ritual. It’s about empowering you to gain control of your body. Whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle, build endurance, or learning to protect yourself and your loved ones, Empower Gym Tampa can provide you with tools and knowledge to help you on your way to achieving your goals.

We have a variety of fitness classes here at Empower Gym Tampa. Our signature and most popular is our Kickboxing Basics class. In this class, you will be hitting heavy bags. Our kickboxing class is a great workout and perfect for both beginners and advanced members. We offer a Kickboxing Advanced class which utilizes both pads and heavy bags to simulate an MMA style workout as well. There is also a full gym with a variety of weights, equipment, and cardio machines.

We not only have a variety of fitness classes here at Empower Gym Tampa, but we also proudly teach C.O.B.R.A Self Defense systems. C.O.B.R.A. Self_Defense Systems is a law enforcement based Self-Defense program, and a complete system which covers the mental and physical aspects of self-defense through scenario training. This is not a martial art. It is taught in a police academy style which makes it easy to learn for all ages and fitness levels. Come join us for a 3 Hour Power Seminar to get a taste of it or join one of our 5 Week Academies for the full experience. Want to take your self defense training to the next level? We also offer the more advanced, C.O.B.R.A. Fighting Systems.

Empower Gym Tampa also sponsors events such as our 5 Week Fitness Challenge, where our challengers compete against themselves and one another for prizes. We also offer free seminars on Nutrition and Goal Setting plus a monthly Mediation to help you empower yourself!